March 17, 2023

The Ultimate Cannabis Delivery Guide


Since the cannabis user base is growing exponentially, it is expected that the legal cannabis market would be valued at 42.7 billion dollars in 2024. Considering the size of the cannabis market, more and more people are planning to start a cannabis delivery business. Additionally, many existing pot dealers and dispensaries are expanding their services by offering cannabis home delivery.

Nowadays, consumers prefer buying weed online to having any awkward encounter with a dealer or a dispensary worker. Another reason why users love ordering online is the reasonable prices and hard-to-turn-down discounts. Read on to learn more about starting a cannabis delivery service 

Study the Laws 

Not many people know that cannabis is still illegal at a federal level. Cannabis consumption is legal in most states, however, the same can not be said about cannabis delivery. Some states only allow the use and delivery of weed for medical purposes.

Often, if cannabis is permitted for medical use in your area, it is highly unlikely that the weed delivery service would be legal. A perfect place to start a cannabis delivery business is where medicinal and recreational cannabis is allowed.

It may be hard for you to decipher if cannabis delivery is legal or not. For that purpose, contact relevant authorities and research local laws about delivering cannabis.

Determine the Location For Cannabis Delivery 

As you are just starting out in the taxable world of the cannabis industry, do not spread yourself too thin by trying to deliver on multiple locations. Research the regions with a huge number of users and make order deliveries to those areas. Depending on each state, the requirements for business licenses and permits may vary.

Get Business License 

After researching the zoning laws and determining the location, make an appointment with the relevant professional to get the business license. Without it, running a weed delivery service would be illegal. Additionally, an existing cannabis retailer would also need a delivery permit in addition to the business license.

Limitations and permissions for each state vary. After learning about the requirements, follow an appropriate application process and provide all the documents. Seek a professional license to obtain a delivery license quickly.

Delivery Vehicles and GPS Tracking 

Unquestionably, a businessman has to invest in delivery vehicles for safe deliveries and to avoid penalties. Moreover, ensure that these vehicles have integrated GPS tracking units to enable customers to track orders. Also, the business manager can keep track that the driver is delivering orders through the predetermined route.

Delivery Compliance 

Learn the local rules relating to cannabis delivery and comply with them. Make sure the driver should be 21 years of age and have a valid driving license. Also, give a copy of the delivery permit and business ID to each driver. Confirm that the GPS units and alarm systems in the delivery vehicles are functional.

Use Software 

Lastly, benefit from the specialized tool to manage orders more efficiently. For instance, a good POS delivery system lets you verify customer identity, track inventory, accept payments, and generate receipts.

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