March 21, 2019

The Dr. Dabber Switch: a New Semi-portable Vaporizer


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We are often looking for the most impressive merchandise in the cannabis sector, and this 1 is earning waves with it’s entry!

Dr. Dabber Switch: A Transportable Vaporizer for Dabbing

Are you a cannabis vaporizer fanatic that is on the lookout for a thing totally new with following degree functionality? I had the possibility to devote some true up shut and particular time with a Dr. Dabber Switch which is powered by a exclusive induction heating system which blew my brain. This is defiantly not just a different vaporizer but a total new thought for vaping concentrates and dry herb.

To seriously generate a thing exclusive the engineers at Dr. Dabber went back again to the drawing board to create a new heating technology that is more quickly and additional effective due to the fact it heats from the inside out contrary to classic convection and conduction methods which heat from the outside the house in.

The Stats

  • Rapid Induction Heating
  • Clean & Dependable Taste
  • 25 Calibrated Warmth Settings
  • Up To 150 Cycles For every Cost
  • Self-Cleansing Method Burns Absent Residue
  • Absolutely Leak proof
  • Move-By Charging
  • 2-12 months guarantee

Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber Swap Technology 

Unlike convection and conduction devices we are made use of to viewing, the Switch utilizes Magnetic induction to almost instantaneously and exactly heat a little ceramic induction cup which incorporates your concentrate of dry herb. Heating time from stand by is just 5 seconds to be fully all set to use. The induction technique of heating will allow for very precise temperature options and this permits the person to dial in the perfect temperature for the material they are vaping. The moment you are dialed in you can experience outstanding flavors and aromas manufactured at lower temperatures. At higher temperatures you will develop massive delicious vapor clouds.

This exceptional product doesn’t cease delivering an wonderful consumer expertise there, the addition of the glass h2o bubbler additional increases flavor and cools the vapor correctly prior to it is inhaled. But hold out it will get better nonetheless. The Change is chargeable so you can shift the device about your house easily to the place you need to have it. It retains a charge improved then any other unit I have analyzed before. I applied the Switch 3 to 6 classes a day for a 7 days and did not operate out of demand!

Dr. Dabber Swap Products Quality 

The develop excellent is superb, the minute you open the high-high quality storage box to expose the Swap in all it is glory you will be instantly impressed. The device is created of quality products and makes use of tactile surfaces to develop a gorgeous merchandise that I liken to acquiring an Apple solution.

When you quickly assembly the Swap with its glass bubbler you’ll know you are managing anything extremely unique then you have experienced before.

The frosted glass induction spot at the top of the unit glows wonderfully with diverse comfortable LED gentle which is not only useful but provides ambiance to your vape working experience.

Is the Dr. Dabber Swap only for Cannabis Concentrates?

The Change has two operational modes obtainable to the consumer which are Oil or Dry Herb, to turn on the unit you just flick the swap to oil if you are using tobacco concentrates or dry herb. This sets the unit up to the correct working temperatures for your consumables. In oil method the Swap quickly replaces electric powered nails and dab rigs which I discover to be daunting and unsafe. I have only dabbled with concentrates due to the fact of the intimidating rigs and open up flames. The Change modifications that all by generating a great user-helpful concentrate working experience.

The initial time I fired up the Swap on oil method and tried just a little little bit of Loss of life Bubba OG shatter I was promptly wrecked but becoming newish to concentrates I stupidly took yet another significant strike. Which is when 20 minutes mysteriously disappeared, and I found myself entranced staring at the attractive mild exhibit the Switch produces. Just two excellent hits on the Switch I was in orbit, I would have to say greater then I have ever been right before. The hits were flavorful and smooth and created substantial vapor clouds as I exhaled the tasty vapor.

Is the Dr. Dabber Switch is Straightforward to Use?

I couldn’t get above how simple the Change was to use for cooking concentrates. All the stigma and issue about using tobacco concentrates floated absent with my cool thoroughly clean buzz. To prepare the Swap just flip the power button to Oil. Then grab the black ceramic induction cup and place a piece of concentrate in it, use the reverse grip tweezers to position the cup into the top of the Change unit. I then established the temperature to the fourth highest default heat environment and pressed the go button. Address up the bubbler with the glass cover and wait 5 seconds for the Switch to glow green that usually means the machine has achieved it is requested working temperature.

Another fantastic operate of the Change is that it’s not continuously heating your concentrates, just after a smoke cycle which lasts about 2 major hits for me the device cools down so that your content isn’t cooking. When your ready for an additional strike just press the go button and in 5 seconds the machine will glow green again and you’ll be good to go. You can generate tailor made warmth settings as nicely as regulate the duration of a session which signifies you can really dial the Change in to your type and save a whole lot of cannabis.

Dr. Dabber Change Self-cleansing Alternative

When you are functioning the Change in “oil mode” there is an choice to self thoroughly clean the focus cup while it’s nevertheless sitting in the Switch. Just push the up button right until the Switch reaches its greatest stage and then keep the “up” button down for 5 seconds and then launch. This will instantaneously super heat the ceramic induction cup and melt away absent all the remaining sludge. You are going to want to do this below a admirer since it does incinerate the left-about product. Extremely helpful!

A term of warning to likely customers of the Change, the glass loading software and carb cap combo is very fragile. Nevertheless it serves its functionality as a mixing adhere and a cap for the bubbler the stem of the glass shaft is really slim and fragile. The first time I got blasted on the switch I fumbled that glass top and broke the stem immediately on my counter. I was ready to get a alternative aspect for $25 bucks, but I was wise and requested two mainly because I know I’ll break it once again at some issue.

Just for the reason that you have an vehicle clean up possibility for the induction cup doesn’t indicate there is no other routine maintenance on the Dr. Dabber Swap. When working with concentrates especially you are going to observe that buildup will start off to seem in the bubbler and in the seating, space the place the induction cup sits. You will need to diligently clean up your glass with liquor to avoid oil build up. I utilised Q-strategies and alcohol to clean up the induction location which ordeals establish up no mater how cautiously you put the focus into the induction cup. The routine maintenance isn’t actually anything at all out of the everyday for a vaporizer.

The Dr. Dabber Change for Vaporizing Cannabis Flower

Because I’m a dry herb person at heart I was seeking forward to flipping the button to decide on the dry flower setting on the Swap. As quick as flipping over to dry herb and the unit is all set to go. To vape dry herb, grab the white induction cup that is delivered with the unit. The black cup is for concentrates and the white cup for dry herb. The composition of the cups is different and are specially intended so do not combine them up.

To load the induction cup just fall in finely floor cannabis and pack it in. Use the reverse tweezers to spot the cup into the leading of the Change unit and you are ready to go. Pick your warmth stage, I uncovered that the middle heat selection worked very best for me, on the best degree I experienced burnt tasting attracts and the material was blackened when I cleaned it out.

As before long as your just take a draw from the h2o bubbler you are going to genuinely start out to flavor the terpenes in your cannabis. The flavor of your cannabis arrives by way of thoroughly clean and crystal clear, greater then with my go to conduction vaporizer.

I did find that I cooked a loaded cup of cannabis in a single session of two hits fully. I did not discover that I was able to develop the exact same heavy vapor clouds as when I was cigarette smoking concentrates. Cleaning the cup is a tiny tricky as you can’t use the Switches car clean up function on dry herb. I wanted to use a smaller resource to pull the employed dry materials out of the cup before loading it once again. The Swap is not as effective with dry herb as it is with the concentrates as it took 4 significant hits about two sessions to get fairly high, but not blasted into orbit like I was in oil method.

Dr. Dabber Swap Products Overview

My initial exhilaration of cigarette smoking concentrates with the Switch didn’t dress in off about the months I’ve been screening the machine. The Switch does a excellent job vaporizing all forms of concentrates and gives the consumer with clean up interesting tasty vapor that packs a punch. After I tailored my session size and temperature I settled in nicely with this vaporizer.

I enjoy the capabilities, quality and operate of the Switch but uncovered that dry herb manner was a lot less than remarkable for me. For dry herb I’m however utilizing my V-Tower but now that I have a at ease uncomplicated possibility for concentrates, I’m liking the oil method a great deal.

If you are somebody who enjoys concentrates and exceptional performance, then the Switch is for you. If you are a dry herb initially individual, I believe there are much better selections for much less dollars that would match your requirements.

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