September 26, 2018

Optilux LED Grow Light: The most powerful light in the world?


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I lately had the prospect to comprehensive a cannabis exam mature with the a skilled-quality LED improve light, the URSA Optilux. As a lesser sized grower, I’d by no means had my arms on a device this effective before and it was daunting when I opened the box to see this really one of a kind wanting increase light-weight. Stress hits me right away can I pull a improve off with this beast? Why was I so apprehensive? Underneath the heart of this mature mild it produces a PPFD rating of 1370 µmol/m2/s. As significantly as I know that is the most impressive improve gentle of its measurement available nowadays and I had to expand below this negative boy with out vaporizing my plants.

True Large Spectrum Light

Electric power is not the only characteristic of the Optilux it also creates noticeable distinct gentle though giving your cannabis crops with wide spectrum gentle among 359 nm to about 950 nm. I think this is also the widest spectrum obtainable in an LED grow gentle. This wide spectrum of mild coupled with the light depth get’s deep into your canopy assisting your crops vegetate. The white light emanating from the LEDS can make tending to your plants simple. No colour shifts on your crops so you see precisely what is going on without acquiring to change off the increase lights.

Looking down at the open box my fright turns into amazement as the shiny glass lenses that include the encounter of the Optilux shine and refract light-weight in every single direction. The face plate driving all that glass is stainless metal which supplies a excellent reflective surface.

High Excellent Item

Proper absent I can notify this LED improve mild has an extremely large construct excellent with hefty metal casing, stainless metal encounter and genuine glass lenses this all provides up to suggestion the scales at 45 lbs .. The main hanging bracket that is provided with the gentle is hefty gauge steel as nicely and requirements to be set to your hanging supports with at minimum two significant obligation hangers.

The fat of the light on my 5×5 grow tent was also significantly to go away safely. I ended up cutting two sticks of wooden that I used as supports below the tent poles that supported the light-weight unit. That provided much more than more than enough assist to securely cling the light-weight in my tent.

Comprehensive Improve Protection

The 16 glass lenses on the face of the Optilux are arranged specially so that the increased depth gentle created at the centre of the light is evenly dispersed. The Lenses in the heart of the unit are 120 levels and the lenses about the outside are 60 levels, you can see the sizing difference when you look at the facial area of the expand light-weight. This combination of lenses makes a excellent 6X6 Vegetative foot print or a 4×4 flowering foot print. Why major glass optics alternatively of light-weight plastic optics? Which is an straightforward just one, plastic can’t enhance the depth of the light-weight like glass can. The glass optics act like a magnifier as well and boosts the gentle depth.

Even with the optics spreading light-weight around the Optilux even now provides a sizzling spot below the middle of the mild. The electrical power is so rigorous that you will want to hang this light-weight amongst 5 and 6 feet earlier mentioned your vegetation and permit your plants improve towards the gentle.

The Energy driving the Optilux

URSA produced extremely specialised 3-pad cobs for the Optilix. These LED pads can each create full spectrum gentle from ultraviolet to infrared as an alternative of utilizing distinct colored LEDs to realize the same final result like other manufactures. The capability to have all 16 LED teams developing the identical spectrum’s of light is extra economical and as a result delivers extra usable light-weight to your cannabis plants. The LED’s are powered to just 40 W each and every which make certain exceptional functionality and prolonged lifetimes of around 50,000 several hours.

The LED’s are powered by two 90 to 3015-volt motorists which are built into the best warmth sync of the mature gentle. The two motorists pull 640W from the wall but generate the LEDs to generate a optimum PAR of 1370.

This increase gentle runs on the very hot facet but the device by itself does not call for a admirer. The LED’s make about 2200 BTU’s of warmth so you are going to will need very good tent ventilation and a admirer going air around your cover.

The Grow

I’m going to be ideal up entrance below. I did have some challenges early on with this mature mild. The advisable starting up distance from URSA was just 36 inches and that vaporized my initial established of vegetation. I Vaporized a second established of vegetation just before I realized the unit required to be up at minimum 5 to 6 ft.

As soon as I was capable to get that light-weight up to just around 5 feet previously mentioned my crops the magic did begin to come about. I knowledgeable a quite rapidly vegetation phase with the crops vegging for just 6 months. Flowering went 8 weeks. The plants ended up satisfied and developed 3 pounds of cannabis for each plant which is good for the pressure.

Air move is crucial when developing with this impressive LED expand gentle. Make sure you have air motion all the way by your cover or you could run into challenges.


The Optilux grow gentle is a experienced-quality unit which arrives with an awesome 3 year guarantee to back up their build good quality. This light will work for above 50,000 hours so it will be shelling out you back with large nutritious cannabis vegetation for decades to arrive. Buying a high quality LED has an excess upfront price but the long phrase personal savings in energy and substitution charges plus the exceptional plant advancement probable it brings to the table would make it worth the expense. My feeling is that you really should always purchase the ideal attainable LED expand gentle you can stretch your funds too.

URSA has created a very impressive, feature-abundant develop gentle that is geared towards the pro or highly developed grower. Also try to remember you’ll need some severe headroom, at the very least 5 toes previously mentioned your vegetation which can make expanding with this light-weight in a tent extremely hard depending on the height.

Following just a handful of grows less than the Optilux and I can explain to that cannabis vegetation enjoy the mild spectrum that this device is supplying. I have seen speedier vegetation and flowering instances when making use of this products.

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