March 17, 2023

How Much to Tip Weed Delivery Drivers and Why You Should


Despite the popularity of online ordering of weed, most consumers are unaware of tipping etiquette. Without a doubt, weed delivery drivers are the least appreciated workers, taking huge risks every day to deliver weed. Unlike tipping servers, determining the right tip for a weed delivery driver is quite tricky. 

Since home weed delivery became popular during the pandemic, it is understandable that how much to tip weed delivery drivers is still a hotly contested debate among cannabis consumers. Previously, most users bought their weed from dealers who did not expect much in terms of tipping. With home weed delivery, it is almost always better to tip the delivery guy to show appreciation for their services.

How Much to Tip Weed Delivery Drivers? 

If you have not previously paid tips to weed delivery drivers, rethink what you are doing. Importantly, there are no strict rules and regulations that bind consumers to pay tips to delivery guys. However, tipping weed delivery drivers is encouraged similarly to taxi drivers, barbers, and servers.

Usually, consumers struggle to determine the right tipping amount for the delivery driver. It entirely depends on the services you received and how helpful the delivery driver was. It is widely accepted that about 15% to 20% of the total purchase price is appropriate for tipping drivers.

Tips will encourage drivers to provide excellent services and deliver orders on time. The person receiving the order can pay a little extra if the driver has to deliver to a difficult and far-off location. Not to mention, there are other forms of tipping as well besides cash. Importantly, stay within the budget when paying a tip to the delivery guy.

Why Should You Tip the Weed Delivery Driver?

  • Acknowledge the Risks – Tipping is a way of acknowledging the risks weed delivery drivers take to deliver for weed delivery vancouver orders safely. Since they are carrying high-quality items worth thousands of dollars, they are always on the radar of robbers and drug dealers. Delivering expensive cannabis products is a bigger responsibility than delivering a $20 pizza.
  • Increase living Costs – These drivers are paid minimum wage, insufficient to make ends meet. Plus, they are not making as much money as a drug dealer. Therefore, an extra few dollars from customers would help them financially.
  • Get Excellent Services – Delivery drivers have some control over making timely deliveries. If they are expecting a generous tip from you like last time, they will probably go the extra mile to make the package delivery on time. Also, they may update you about the exact time they will deliver the order.
  • To Ensure Order Arrives in Good Condition Delivery drivers are responsible for handling orders from the time they leave the store to arriving at the location. Giving a tip will ensure an extra bit of extra security that the order will arrive in good condition.


Lastly, tipping is not required if the order was not delivered on time and the driver was mean. In other cases, tipping will help drivers bring a big bonus home and keep on providing excellent services week after week.

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