November 18, 2021

How Much is an Ounce of Weed


When you are at the retailer procuring for a bottle of wine, what drives your getting conclusion? The value position? Maybe the region the place the grapes have been grown? Or, probably it’s just a individual brand aesthetic that entices you. The identical situation applies to purchasing cannabis these times. 

When purchasing in a dispensary, the possibilities are seemingly countless. If you want a significant THC strain, or a 1:1, or even just a pre-roll designed with shake weed, there are a good deal of options. Most dispensaries offer a number of tiers of weed, and they are priced and labeled in a way to enable purchasers make their final decision. Let’s consider a seem at weed costs by the ounce, and what influences these prices.

How Considerably is an Ounce of Weed

In most situations, if you obtain or weigh an ounce of weed, it is going to hit the scale at 28 grams. And that is appropriate — whilst if you want to get specialized — an ounce of weed is 28.34952 grams. But, most folks just get in touch with an ounce 28 grams. 

Pricing for an ounce is dependent on two important aspects — area and top quality. For example, the selling price for an ounce of weed in D.C. is $591! But when you glance at averages in a extra set up marketplace — like on the West Coast — it is closer to about $250. 

States that have been in a health-related or recreational system longest have a tendency to have the least expensive price ranges for the reason that they’ve had the time to dial in cultivation and lower their creation price. People discounts trickle down to the buyer.  

When it comes to good quality, there are generally many tiers. For case in point, Move Kana is a California-dependent cannabis manufacturer. They crack down their weed into 4 types by top quality. Farmer’s Reserve is their ideal of the most effective, and has the maximum rate level. Following is their Gold tier, Silver tier, and last but not least, their $99 ounces. Even though the flower is nonetheless decent good quality on the $99 ounces, it is the smallest buds in the bunch.

To further more split down the charge, take into consideration this: a gram of weed will almost certainly get you about two average-sized joints or two to three common-sized bowls. In the situation of Circulation Kana’s $99 ounces, that implies you can smoke a bowl for about $1.50. That’s pretty really hard to conquer. At $250 an ounce, you are paying out about $4.46 per 50 percent-gram joint. 

Preserve in brain that if you are purchasing by the gram, somewhat than springing for an ounce, you are heading to commit a full good deal a lot more for that one bowl or joint. 

How Much is an Ounce of Weed Chart

How A great deal is a 50 %-Ounce of Weed

Not everyone wishes or demands to acquire weed by the ounce. Nevertheless, continue to keep in brain that charges are superior the additional you buy, so you can hope to fork out a little additional per gram for a fifty percent ounce.

At 14 grams, a 50 percent ounce operates someplace among $90 on the reduced stop and $160 on the higher stop. Let’s believe you went for the substantial-high quality buds at $160. If a gram equals two joints, you are spending about $5.74 for a 50 percent-gram joint.

Having said that, a 50 % ounce at $160 will get you approximately 28 fifty percent-gram joints and 35 common-sized bowls, which is still a pretty stellar deal. 

How Considerably Does an 8th Cost

Getting weed by the eighth is a traditional obtain. This is just only how weed was marketed on the black marketplace when traveling to a vendor, and it transfers properly into a dispensary design when dividing lbs .. It’s also awesome simply because you get a likelihood to try out a strain with no earning a large determination in scenario the strain does not conclude up on your favorites record. 

Buying an eighth won’t find the money for you lots of bargains, but it’s still improved than obtaining by the gram. An eighth weighs in at 3.5 grams, and is commonly retailed among $25 to $55. Nonetheless, you will find $20 eighths and $60 eighths based on high-quality and site. An eighth is equivalent to about 7 joints or 8 bowls. 

If you are having to pay $50 for an eighth, that equates to spending $7.14 on a 50 %-gram joint, and roughly $5.71 for every bowl.

Price of Weed: Components to Contemplate

If you are examining this now and questioning why the price tag ranges vary so significantly, there are quite a few aspects to take into consideration. 

Indoors vs Outside

Indoor herb virtually normally value more than out of doors buds. Although some folks feel this is mainly because indoor plants develop bigger quality buds, this is not entirely correct. Though indoor vs outside is a scorching discussion between the cannabis neighborhood, the truth of the make any difference is that indoor expenses more for the reason that of the costs incurred to make it. 

Developing indoors involves a large amount of electricity to run the tech needed to retain an optimal surroundings. And that is on major of the generally pricey rental prices for a space huge sufficient to accommodate a significant-scale increase. Out of doors weed basically requires much fewer upfront cost with significantly less environmental effect.

Overhead Costs

While this can apply to increasing way too, it’s also a very important factor for dispensary proprietors. Owning and running a retail site is not inexpensive, and all of that licensing, stability, and staffing impacts the total costs of the items. The margins have to protect these prices and however transform a gain for enterprise homeowners. 


Obtaining weed in generic containers as opposed to a person specially branded by the cannabis corporation will unquestionably influence the value. Free buds in a kush tube with a label printed in-house vs a wonderful amber glass jar with tailor made etching is not likely to hit the exact selling price point. Some folks might not care about branding, and for others, it is a aspect of the experience. 


This is most likely the most shocking element when considering pricing. Each point out, and occasionally even various counties or cities, will impose a different tax charge. For example, in Oregon, the state excise tax for grownup-use marijuana is 17%. On best of that is an more 3% nearby tax. That means that if you obtain an ounce of weed for $250, there will be an further $50 tacked on for taxes. 

Generally, clinical card holders do not pay out the state or community taxes when they shop with their marijuana card. For anybody with a qualifying health care problem, this can imply large price savings at the dispensary if you get your card. 

The place to Find the Greatest Weed Rates

Dispensaries and supply expert services are tremendous convenient, but there are the taxes to look at. For thrifty weed browsing, attempt out new dispensaries and choose advantage of the very first-time shopper discounts. Several merchants offer specials like “Weed Wednesday” with discounts on pre-rolls or even ounces. With a tiny exertion, you are very likely to uncover a discount someplace. 

Quite a few brand names are chopping out the intermediary in efforts to provide greater pricing for their prospects. This immediate to client approach will carry on to grow, permitting buyers to shop on the internet right for their most loved makes and have their get shipped. Shop online and find offers on Movement Kana’s $99 ounces, and save even far more on their 50 % ounces with bulk buys. 

When purchasing for weed, the additional you buy the far more you conserve. May possibly as perfectly stock up! 

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