May 1, 2023

Cannabis Tourism: Experience the Best Cannabis Events and Attractions Around the World


Cannabis Tourism: Experience the Best Cannabis Events and Attractions Around the World

Introduction to Cannabis Tourism

Cannabis tourism is a growing industry around the world, with countries and states legalizing it for recreational and/or medicinal purposes. It is a unique way for travelers to experience the culture and history of cannabis in destinations that allow its use. From historic landmarks to cannabis-infused activities, there are plenty of reasons to embark on a cannabis adventure.

Top Cannabis Destinations


Amsterdam is known for its open policy towards cannabis. The city has plenty of coffee shops where travelers can purchase and consume cannabis legally. Amsterdam’s Coffeeshops are popular for their relaxed atmosphere and unique decor. One of the most popular destinations in Amsterdam for cannabis tourism is the Bulldog Cafe. It is one of the oldest coffeeshops in the city and has become a landmark for Amsterdam’s cannabis culture.


Denver was the first city in the United States to legalize recreational cannabis use. It has become a popular destination for those interested in experiencing cannabis in different ways. From cannabis cooking classes to cannabis-infused massages, Denver offers a variety of experiences for cannabis enthusiasts. Some of the most popular destinations in Denver for cannabis tourism are the Native Roots Dispensary and the Cannabis Museum.


Jamaica is famous for its cannabis culture and has been a go-to destination for cannabis enthusiasts for many years. Travelers can visit one of the country’s many cannabis plantations and learn about the process of growing and cultivating the plant. Additionally, there are plenty of cannabis-themed events that take place throughout the year.

Cannabis Events

High Times Cannabis Cup

The High Times Cannabis Cup is one of the largest cannabis events in the world. It is a competition where cannabis enthusiasts and industry experts come together to judge the best cannabis strains and products. The Cup takes place in different locations around the world, including Amsterdam, Denver, and California.

420 Fest

420 Fest is an annual festival celebrating all things cannabis. It takes place every April 20th in Denver, Colorado, and features a variety of activities, including music, food, and cannabis-infused experiences.

Cannabis Attractions

Cannabis Museum

Located in Denver, the Cannabis Museum celebrates the history and culture of cannabis. Visitors can learn about the plant’s medicinal uses, its role in pop culture, and the industry’s evolution.

California Wine and Weed Tour

The California Wine and Weed Tour is a unique way to experience the cannabis and wine culture of the state. Travelers can visit some of the best cannabis dispensaries and wineries in California, including the famous Napa Valley.


Cannabis tourism is a rapidly growing industry that offers a unique way to experience different parts of the world. Whether you are interested in history, culture, or just looking to have fun, there are plenty of destinations, events, and attractions that can cater to your interests. Just remember to follow the laws of the places you visit and consume cannabis responsibly.

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