May 2, 2023

Cannabis Chef’s Corner: Meet the Creative Minds behind Infused Cuisine


Cannabis Chef’s Corner: Meet the Creative Minds behind Infused Cuisine

As cannabis becomes increasingly legalized and destigmatized, more and more individuals are exploring the world of infused cuisine. From delectable edibles to cannabis-inspired entrees, chefs are incorporating the herb into their dishes, creating unique and flavorful culinary experiences. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the creative minds behind infused cuisine and the delicious dishes they create.

Michael Magallanes of Opulent Chef

Michael Magallanes, also known as the Opulent Chef, is a renowned cannabis chef based in California. He offers exclusive cannabis-infused cooking classes, private dinners, and catering services to those seeking a unique culinary experience. Magallanes is passionate about using locally sourced, organic ingredients in his dishes and creating gourmet food infused with high-quality cannabis. For him, cooking with cannabis is all about exploring the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of the plant while creating cohesive taste profiles.

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Chris Sayegh of Herb

Chris Sayegh, known as the Herbal Chef, is a pioneer in the cannabis culinary world. He is known for his fine dining cannabis-infused experiences cooked to perfection. As a vegan chef, Sayegh incorporates plant-based ingredients into his dishes, elevating the dining experience to a flavorful and healthy level. Sayegh prides himself on using different cannabis strains to create carefully crafted dishes that deliver unique and powerful effects. He even has a line of his own branded cannabis products for home cooks to experiment with.

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Mary Jean Dunsdon of Mary Jean’s Kitchen

Mary Jean Dunsdon, also known as Watermelon, is a cannabis advocate and entrepreneur. She is the creative mastermind behind Mary Jean’s Kitchen, a cannabis-infused catering company based in Canada. Dunsdon’s passion for cannabis emanates through her unique creations, which range from classic comfort foods to exotic dishes. In addition to catering, she also offers cooking classes and a line of edible products. For Dunsdon, cooking with cannabis is all about bringing people together and creating a shared experience.

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These are just a few of the many creative minds behind infused cuisine. As cannabis becomes more mainstream, we can expect to see more chefs and entrepreneurs pushing creative boundaries and exploring the world of cannabis-infused food. Whether you are an experienced cook or new to culinary arts, there is a chef and cuisine out there for everyone.

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