April 28, 2023

Breaking Barriers: Women Leading the Charge in the Cannabis Industry


Breaking Barriers: Women Leading the Charge in the Cannabis Industry

For years, the cannabis industry has been largely dominated by men. But as the industry continues to grow, women are seeking to break those barriers and establish themselves as leaders in this emerging field.

Women Breaking into the Industry

Many women are now entering the cannabis industry in a variety of roles including cultivation, marketing, and entrepreneurship. One example is Jane West, who founded a social events company for cannabis users and now runs a successful line of cannabis products. Other women, such as Dr. Lakisha Jenkins, a naturopathic physician and cannabis expert, are leading the charge in research and education about the potential medical benefits of cannabis.

Challenges Faced by Women in the Cannabis Industry

Despite the growing number of women entering the industry, there are still many challenges they face. One major challenge is funding. Women-owned businesses in general have a harder time securing funding than their male counterparts, and this holds true in the cannabis industry as well. Additionally, women in cannabis often face stereotypes and discrimination due to the stigma still associated with the plant.

Breaking Down Barriers

Despite these challenges, women in the cannabis industry are actively working to break down these barriers. Organizations like Women Grow and Tokeativity provide opportunities for women to connect with one another, learn about the industry, and access resources that can help them succeed.

Furthermore, by simply being present and successful in the industry, women are working to break down stereotypes and change the perception of cannabis culture. As more and more women find success in the industry, it will inspire others to join and continue the fight for equality and representation.


The cannabis industry is changing rapidly, and women are at the forefront of this shift. By breaking down barriers and working to establish themselves as leaders in the industry, women are contributing to a more diverse and inclusive cannabis culture.


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