May 12, 2023

A Call for Evidence-Based Cannabis Policy Making: Learning from Other Countries’ Experience


A Call for Evidence-Based Cannabis Policy Making: Learning from Other Countries’ Experience

The Need for Evidence-Based Cannabis Policy Making

The legalization of cannabis has been a topic of debate in many countries worldwide. While some have taken a progressive approach towards it, others continue to criminalize it. However, irrespective of the policy stance, cannabis has remained a popular drug and has been widely used for medical, recreational, and spiritual purposes. Therefore, there is a need for evidence-based policy making to ensure the safety and benefits of users, as well as the larger community.

Learning from Other Countries’ Experience

Many countries have already undergone the process of legalizing cannabis and have valuable experiences to share with others. For example, in the United States, several states, including Colorado and California, have legalized cannabis for both medical and recreational use. In Canada, cannabis was fully legalized in 2018. Furthermore, several European countries, including the Netherlands and Portugal, have decriminalized cannabis, putting greater emphasis on harm reduction policies.

Benefits of Evidence-Based Cannabis Policy Making

Evidence-based policy making has several benefits that can be applied to cannabis policy making. For instance, it helps policymakers make informed decisions based on objective research rather than uninformed beliefs or ideology. This not only ensures the safety of cannabis users but also protects society more broadly. Evidence-based policy making can also improve the quality of life of cannabis users by providing a legal and accessible avenue for access to cannabis products.


As more countries around the world consider legalizing or loosening restrictions on cannabis use, evidence-based policy making must be at the forefront of policy discussions. Policymakers must learn from the experiences of other countries and prioritize the health and safety of users while also considering the broader implications for society. With proper regulation and monitoring, cannabis legalization has the potential to provide numerous benefits for individuals and society alike.


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